4 Important Reasons to Choose a Catering Company

Whether you are planning a corporate event or an anniversary milestone, you need to be a relaxed host to make sure your guests are comfortable and enjoying themselves to the hilt. If you are tense or worried about logistics, food preparation, presentation, and service, your guests will be uncomfortable too.

An experienced professional company, such as Pig Roast Catering, can look into all culinary areas so you can focus on your guests and make sure the celebration is on in full spirit, with all other areas running smoothly. There are a few other reasons to consider professional catering too.

4 Reasons to Consider Professional Caterers

  1. Please All Palates: In a big gathering, it’s hard to please all palates. There will be some who are vegetarians, others who are vegans, a few who are allergic to shellfish and many who have their own strong likes and dislikes. There will be others who have health or culture related dietary restrictions. When you are faced with that many choices, it’s tough to plan a menu that pleases all.

A catering company has the training and capacity to take diverse culinary preferences into consideration. We can accommodate likes, dislikes, allergies, intolerances, and health considerations to plan a cocktail party, buffet or sit down dinner where every person can enjoy food suited to their taste, without worry.

  1. Variety of Food: Good cuisine takes centrestage in a large gathering. Careful planning into food expresses not just a desire to please palates, but also a host who is taking extra care to make every single person in the room feel special. When you include unique dishes with general favourites, you also show that you are creative yet considerate of others who are not that adventurous. There will be no fear of a shortage of food or disproportionate portions. It helps you build respect among your peers in a corporate setting and build relationships personally. We combine classic favourites and exclusive items to ensure every guest find something that they will enjoy.
  2. Cost-Effective Services: Despite looking into all details that go into planning a memorable dinner, costs, are lesser with professional catering services usually. Chefs know exactly how much food is required so there is no extra wastage. Buying in bulk always saves you more. We include fine cutlery, dinnerware, decorations, beautiful presentation, and staff. You don’t have to worry about cleaning up spills and mess; we will do it all for you.
  3. Premium Presentation: Handling food for large parties requires high skill and expertise to ensure success. With reputed, professional caterers, you know that food will not be undercooked or overcooked, contaminated or handled carelessly. Every item will be served with care, confidence, capability, and consideration. Your caterer can help make the best of the space provided to you, transforming simple celebrations into high-quality affairs. This reflects well on you and your company if it’s a corporate event. Best of all, delegating the responsibility frees you from the hectic process and extra stress.

Pig Roast Catering for Premium Celebrations

The catering company you choose can set the tone and style for your event. From formal sit downs to convenient buffet dinners, starters to exclusive slow roasted pigs for the main course and exotic desserts, we bring a touch of sophistication and exclusivity to your event to make it a grand success. If you are looking for catering services for an upcoming convention, a birthday celebration or delightful barbecue to celebrate the season, give us a call to discuss your needs.

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Show Quality And Care When Catering a Healthy Event

The food that we order or arrange outside of our home is an important part of our diet. When surveyed, 29% of people admitted to wanting to eat out with a healthy option available. The choices that people are provided, when eating out, go a long way towards helping maintain a balanced diet. Companies understand this and value healthy catering. What decisions do caterers need to make when designing a healthy menu?  Every caterer wants glowing testimonials that complement the presentation and the taste of the food presented. How is it best to handle various dietary requirements, making sure that everyone is catered for, as well as setting up a feast for the eyes for attendees?

Go gluten free to show quality

Many catering companies understand that nutrition as well as taste, contribute to a successful event. One way to show care and expertise at an event is to include variety in the menu. Many foods are naturally gluten-free and delicious – like fresh vegetables and seasonal fruits. However, there is also an abundance of gluten-free alternative products like bread and pasta that can be enticing for everyone. Sharing a meal with someone who needs to eat gluten free- or even those who prefer it can be a very pleasing experience. Chef Jason Roberts comments that, ‘Gluten free does not mean you have to live taste free!’ Why not include a sumptuous butternut squash soup, oat and almond bread or an impressive raspberry souffle?

Very important vegans

Scavenging around in the salad bar is not a great vegan option! Vegan menu items can be tempting and a feast for the eyes!  Dishes such as lasagna, noodles, curries, stir fry and even brownies all feature highly with catering companies that are skilled enough to customize their menu for vegan enjoyment. An easy tip when asking for vegan options when catering is to make sure that fresh cold press juice is available. It won’t just be the vegan’s requesting this menu – that is certain.

It’s easy to include paleo

Fans of paleo aim to eat natural ingredients– grass fed meats, an abundance of vegetables and wholefoods like nuts and seeds. A buffet is a wonderful way to include all a person’s heart can desire- as well as being visually appealing to the eye. Some delicious paleo options also tick the boxes for people eating gluten free- whilst others take into account vegans. Why not include oven fried pickles, pesto stuffed mushrooms or even grilled peaches with prosciutto at your next event?

Irrespective of the size of your event a catering company needs to show a personal interest in your requirements, whether they be dietary or location. Always check the online reviews of the catering company you plan to choose. You can even contact previous clients, if you do so with an amount of grace and intuition. Showing good quality produce in creative and aesthetically pleasing ways is straightforward when the ingredients are fresh and natural.

Healthy catering is easy with Pig Roast Catering and Feast Your Eyes Catering because these companies understand the importance of special dietary requirements and preferences and are ‘full-service’ catering companies. Therefore, every menu is planned to keep the needs of all the guests in mind so that everyone will benefit from and enjoy every aspect of the event.


Things you should know about choosing a menu for your catered event – Pig Roast Catering

The success of any social gathering comes down to the food. Various types of criteria have to be kept in mind to form an incredible food and beverage menu. The caterer’s job is limited to delivering the food you have ordered. This makes you in-charge of going through your guest list and ensuring that there is something for everyone. Going through this checklist will ensure an outstanding feast at your next event.

Guest Profile

The first step to creating your menu would be to determine the profile of the guests attending your event. They can be a large, diverse group of attendees or a small group of family members and friends. You must acknowledge the professional level of your guests, the number of times they attended similar events, the location of their residence, and ethnic backgrounds. This information will enable you to create a unique menu that isn’t redundant.

Guest Preferences

Taking the description of your guests into account will equip you with the information needed to decide on the best menu options. Keep in mind that elderly attendees will appreciate milder flavors, middle-aged people may like spicier and interesting foods, and health conscious guests will favour vegetarian and seafood options.


Variety above all is bound to be appreciated by everyone. You can come close to guessing the preferences of your guest, but one entrée will unlikely satisfy everyone. Serving multiple entrée and menu choices is a good idea. Your menu should consist of at least two entrée, three or more salad dressings, condiments on the side, and two dessert options; one can be healthy and the other can be indulgent.

Special Needs

It is crucial to be mindful of any dietary restrictions of your guests while planning an event. If you don’t know, ask! Your guests will appreciate it. Noteworthy dietary restrictions may include food intolerances, food allergies, voluntary dietary restrictions, and religious requirements.

Seasonal and Fresh Items

The time of the year must play a significant role while planning out the menu. Learn about the in-season foods and beverages and make sure to put them on the table. You should also consider the religion and culture of people who will be attending. Tailoring the menu according to their regional backgrounds will be fantastic. Incorporating seafood and locally grown produce will add freshness to your menu.

Ethnic and Regional Menu

Events that have specific ethnic themes are exciting. It allows the caterers to bring your guests international food that they would’ve likely tried out at a restaurant. Common catered cuisines include French, German, Asian, Greek, Italian, Middle Eastern, and Mexican.

Final Presentation

Professionals in the cooking industry have often summoned that we eat with our eyes and nose even before the food goes into our mouths. The meal on your table will appear appetizing when it’s fragrant and colorful.

Pig Roast Catering Services!

Excellent caterers can ensure that quality food which suffices the needs of your menu gets delivered to you. Pig Roast Catering can organize and supply all the food you need for an exciting gathering. We also offer tents, tables, chairs, and linens for your events.

Visit pigroastcatering.ca to view our menu, services and gallery. You may also call us at 416-938-4853.

Sizzling Ideas for Your Summer Outdoor Catering

Summer is the time to feast on the sun, the flowers in full bloom, the inviting blue waters, beach trips and glittering stars in the clear night sky. Add the joy of celebrating the weather with professionally catered barbecues, birthday parties, festivals, anniversaries, weddings, picnics or corporate events, and the entire season comes alive. It also saves the host a lot of hassles in organizing the event.

Here are a few ideas to take your summer outdoor catering sizzle a bit more:

    • Colorful Vegetables: Summer is all about a spectrum of colors, especially in your garden. From orange carrots, deep green spinach, purple eggplants and yellow zucchini to red cherry tomatoes and white onions, its a rainbow everywhere. Harness these on your guests’ plates and present them in freshly prepared ways to make any occasion a big success.


  • Sundae Feast: Be innovative. Get caterers to create a sundae bar. Arrange rows of ice creams or frozen yogurt in different flavors with assorted sprinkles, sauces, crushed nuts, chocolate chips and toppings for a treat that’s a hit with every age group, young and old. For adults, you can organize a dessert bar or cocktail bar by the poolside.
  • Good Taste: An ornate, lavish setting does not guarantee great catering that’s enjoyed by all. Successful catering is all about good taste in every way. Simple elegant decor and cuisine is not only warm and inviting but also preferred by most.
  • Whole Roast Centrepiece: Serve a succulent smoky bbq, grilled chicken or a whole spit-roasted piglet sizzling on a rotisserie as the centerpiece in rustic, chic, or barn settings for weddings, parties and corporate events. The aroma itself will have your guests looking forward to dinner. Throw in colorful vegetable skewers on the grill or serve with an array of salads and fresh bread for an unforgettable event.
  • Corporate Picnics: A picnic or outdoor get-together is the perfect way to let your guests enjoy without getting caught up in formalities. A corporate picnic can bring out the fun side of everyone and allow colleagues to bond better. Organize a buffet or fully catered happy hour with appetizers prepared with seasonal ingredients by a caterer who can come up with unique culinary and presentation ideas.


Call Pig Roast Catering for the Ultimate Catered Events

At Pig Roast Catering, we offer the ultimate culinary experience. We use only top quality, government inspected piglets sourced from the best Ontario farms. Each roast is prepared with a blend of our master’s special spices, herbs, and seasoning, slow cooked to perfection until they are crisp on the outside and juicy inside. Your guests can experience the cooking process to make the wait even more thrilling.

Give us a call to discuss your mission for the occasion and vision to bring it to life. We are happy to take of the details and put it together. Here are some of the services we offer:

  • Event design and decor
  • Rental equipment: tents, tables, chairs, china, linens, dance floor, lighting
  • Vintage style china place settings, cutlery, glassware and lace runners
  • Rustic, vintage or elegant décor, chandeliers, and lanterns
  • Staff: waiters and bartenders, supervisors
  • Entertainment
  • Environmental services
  • Bar services, lemonade stands |late night food stations

Roasted Pig Toronto

The History Of Pig Roasts Through The Ages

Pig roasts are often used for weddings and other special celebrations, but have you ever wondered where this tradition came from? Pig roasts actually have a long history that dates back to the Bronze Age.

Pig Roasts Of The Bronze Age

The bronze age of history is when certain metals were first discovered including bronze. With the discovery of these metals, there was a rush to use them in different aspects of life including cooking. This is potentially when pig roasts as we know them today might have started. The problem with this is the fact that there are no documented records of the roasting of pigs during this time.

The Middle Ages

By the time the Middle Ages came around, hog roasts were in fashion. This meant that every kitchen in the Western World had their own version of a spit roast. The spit roast allowed the hog to the skewered on a heavy iron bar which was then suspended over an open fire. The hog would then be slowly roasted over a few hours.

Castle kitchens at this time would generally have a someone whose only job would be to roast the hog. They would generally have to slowly crank the pit by hand. The kitchen chef would be the one to add spices to the roast and baste it.

The Renaissance is when causes really started to gain popularity with hog roasting. The Renaissance was not only about art as many chefs started to change recipes. In Florence, the chefs started to baste hog roasts with sugar and orange juice.

After The Renaissance

As kitchens continued to evolve and started to look more like the ones we have today, the idea of roasting an entire hog lost favour. The kitchen became smaller and there was no longer the space for an open hearth which was needed for hog roasting. At this time, butchers started to cut up the hogs into easier to manage pieces which could be made in the smaller kitchens.

By the 1700’s hog roasting was no longer commonplace. Hog roasting was kept for special occasions and would generally be done outside the home.

Hog Roasts Around The World

Hog roasts are not something that is unique to a certain area. The history of these roasts does vary depending on the country. The Pacific Islands have their own way of roasting pigs which involves lining a pit with heated lava rocks and wrapping the seasoned pig in banana leaves.

Interested in having a pig roast for your wedding or corporate party? Give the experts at Pig Roast Catering a call! We offer a wide variety of food options including Hawaiian cuisine, seafood, Mediterranean cuisine, buffet style, and of course succulent pig! We also offer full event planning services including event design & decor, vintage or rustic place settings, waiters and bartenders, entertainment, environmental services, and so much more! If you would like to request a quote for your pig roast catering, give us a call at 416-639-3547 or email info@pigroastcatering.ca today!