Entertaining Tips

Local Ontario Lamb

Ontario lamb has always had a wonderful reputation for taste and quality.  It is much more expensive that its cousins in New Zealand, Australia, where lamb is a national export.  At a relatively large discount to Ontario lamb and more readily available, especially in the frozen state with a wider selection of products, I still find Ontario lamb superior.

Competition BBQing and the real world

Have you ever heard or seen what a competition barbequer has to do to even attempt to compete. They sleep all night next to their bbq’s with all types of probes, with alarms to warn them of any deviation from their top secret cooking process. Those that win enough times can continue to ‘live the dream’ while the rest return to the real world and have to get a real job and have real responsibilities.

The pulled pork vigil

In the realm of pulled pork there are many recipes depending on personal taste.  Everyone claims that they posses the best recipe.  I have found that, what is more important then the millions of variations on the spice blends, is the process.  In the end it is the result that matters, not the nuances.

Making you look fabulous

The purpose of the Caterer is to bring you party’s vision to life, to execute on that vision and for you to look fabulous to your guests, with as much or as little effort as you want as the host.  This does not happen by accident.

Cheaper cuts, exellent results

How is this possible?
If flavour and tenderness is the Holy Grail, then meat with some fat, connective tissue and time is the crusade. Lean tender meat is only as good as the grade, how long its been aged, the seasoning used, and the cooking process applied.  You cannot deny that fat is where the flavour is.  And now we are finding that connective tissue add another dimension of rich flavour to the end product when all things are equal i.e. grade, aging process, seasoning and cooking process applied.

Barn weddings, rustic and romantic - the other banquet hall

Yes you read it right!  FORMAL BARN WEDDINGS!  It’s a newer trend and why not.  Have you seen some of these barns lately?  They are not what we remember them as children.  Nowadays these barns are full fledged facilities with showers offices with full capabilities and your standard stalls included just to remind you that it is a barn.  With today’s capabilities in terms of décor and equipment, you can make it look and feel like a real rustic banquet hall.

Pig roast weddings - more popular than you think

When we decided to get into this business, the business of Pig Roast events we did not know what to expect.  We kept all our options open, from Pig Roast in a box to Pig and Chef Combo’s to full Pig Roast events.  We have had great success on all fronts, but by far, Pig Roast events and Pig Roast weddings receptions surprised even us, in terms of bookings.

Formula for a great outdoor party

I asked Paula my wife, partner and Event Planner for the last 15 years, what the critical elements are to host a successful outdoor party that will impress your guests and make all your hard work worth the effort.  The following is a synopsis of what should be considered.

Entertaining for the first time - Part three

In previous articles we discussed the importance of cleaning your home, being confident, keeping the menu simple, being generous, and paying attention to the glass.  In this last article in the series we will explore a few more possible roadblocks to your success.


My family reunion turned out much better than I had expected thanks to your impeccable service, reliability and delicious food. It was a great success, and everyone was wow'd! You did what you said , and I particularly loved the decor. In fact, it was so remarkable, that my 4 year old daughter is now looking for "centerpieces" when she sets up her little table for tea parties and picnics! I look forward to using your services again for my next occasion, and will recommend you to all my friends and family.
Sarah Signore