Competition BBQing and the real world

Have you ever heard or seen what a competition barbequer has to do to even attempt to compete.  They sleep all night next to their bbq’s with all types of probes, with alarms to warn them of any deviation from their top secret cooking process.  Those that win enough times can continue to ‘live the dream’ while the rest return to the real world and have to get a real job and have real responsibilities.

So for the rest of us in the real world, you can achieve similar results. Once you understand the process you can enjoy competition quality results.  There are many a book published that teach you how to create a great experience.  From flavour profiles, to flavour layering, to cooking methods and ideal results.  Understand the methodology and you will achieve the desired results.

Don’t end up like an acquaintance of mine who enthusiastically laid next to his BBQ, during the night watching his probes measuring heat in the cooking chamber, humidity, temperature of the meat, and getting up the next day, plating his result, turning around to wash his hands before feasting on his labour of love, just to have his dog take it off the plate and polish it off completely before his masters return.  The only evidence left of the effort was the ‘au jus’ on the dogs chin.  If I could read the dogs face, the dog was thinking ‘I’m living the dream!’