Local Ontario Lamb

Ontario lamb has always had a wonderful reputation for taste and quality.  It is much more expensive that its cousins in New Zealand, Australia, where lamb is a national export.  At a relatively large discount to Ontario lamb and more readily available, especially in the frozen state with a wider selection of products, I still find Ontario lamb superior.

I find New Zealand and Australian lamb to have a strong flavour relative to Ontario’s mild flavour.  This will never change due to the fact; I believe that the imported lamb is on a grass diet as opposed to a grain diet here in Ontario.  You can only feed your herds what is readily available.  Grass diets contain little fat for the imported lamb to absorb, so the carcasses are smaller and the meat is leaner.

We have been able to raise lambs with a grain diet, which has allowed for the creation of marbling the main muscles, which allow us to sell larger lambs with greater yield while retaining the flavour of a much smaller lamb.  We are able to retain the sweetness of younger lamb with the marbelling that can only take place on a larger lamb.  So next time you are dining out and there is lamb on the menu, make sure it is from Ontario if you want to have the best experience.


My family reunion turned out much better than I had expected thanks to your impeccable service, reliability and delicious food. It was a great success, and everyone was wow'd! You did what you said , and I particularly loved the decor. In fact, it was so remarkable, that my 4 year old daughter is now looking for "centerpieces" when she sets up her little table for tea parties and picnics! I look forward to using your services again for my next occasion, and will recommend you to all my friends and family.
Sarah Signore