Carving And Serving Your Roasted Pig: Here’s How To Do It The Right Way

Having roasted pig at a party is one of the best ways to liven up any celebration. The tradition of having pig roasts has been around since the Bronze Ages, and to this day, people around the world still enjoy feasting on the flavourful meat. Canadians, in particular, are no stranger to roasted pig as Canada is the seventh largest pork producer in the entire world. When premium Canadian pork from Pig Roast Catering is served at a party, you can be assured of delicious and high-quality meat that’s sure to please even the most finicky guest.

If you’re thinking about getting a whole roasted pork for your next party, it’s important to know how to carve it well so that everyone can have a taste of this wonderful treat. Here’s how to carve and serve your roasted pig.

What you need to carve your roasted pig

If you want to showcase your pig roast at the party, you’ll have to prepare a separate carving station that’s near your main buffet table. Get a long, sturdy table that can support the weight of the roast. Don’t use your best tablecloth to cover it, for this purpose, it may be better to go with a disposable tablecloth just in case things get a little messy. Next, you’ll need an apron, then a few sharp knives of different sizes. For carving, you’ll want to go with the biggest chef’s knife that you can comfortably hold in your hand to cut through the meat. Plastic gloves are also a must, as well as a big cutting board.

For a different take on roast pork, prepare a special treat called roasted pig wraps for your guests later on. To make that simple dish, you’ll want different sauces such as barbecue, hoisin, a spicy sauce, and a salsa. You should also have some pita pockets for the wraps which you’ll assemble after you’ve cut the meat.

Carve it up

With a sharp knife, slice off the shoulders and the legs of the roasted pig then carve it up, taking care to slice the skin into even pieces. Cut the pork loins and the back meat and cut into pieces. After this, remove the spare ribs. At this point, all you’ll have to do is to pull off the meat from the roast. The sliced pork that came from earlier can be served on a big platter and your guests can help themselves to it. Reserve the pulled meat for the roasted pig wraps.

Making the wraps

To assemble the roasted pig wraps, slice the pita pockets so you get two pieces from each. Get a spoonful of pulled pork, place it in the middle of the wrap, dab a bit of sauce in the middle, then roll it shut. You can also add veggies such as lettuce or cucumber sticks if you want a more balanced flavour.

If you’re not comfortable carving the roasted pig by yourself, you can always ask the caterer to do it for you, then do the wraps yourself with some help from family and friends. For your next party, try having a roasted pig as the main dish—it’s a treat that’s perfect for any occasion.