Pig Roasting Over Open Coals Vs Propane Roaster

A pig roast is an exciting event that can be used to celebrate any occasion, from birthdays to weddings to holidays. Before you dig in though, there are some logistics you have to figure out first. When it comes to roasting a pig, you have two options: open coals or propane. Before deciding which system is right for your party, consider the differences. Roasting a pig over open coals can take double the time it does to roast it inside a propane roaster. You will also need someone on hand to top up your pit with pre-heated coals every hour or so to ensure that your pig is evenly cooked with crispy skin.

Charcoal Rotisserie

You will need to set it up out of the way of the wind as it can cause the charcoal to burn out quicker and drive smoke your way. If it is windy or cold, you will need to significantly increase your cooking times to ensure that your pig is rotating and cooking close to the coals. You will also need to have a place ready to put the pig once it is done roasting so that you have space to carve it up. You can barbeque other food on the grill racks over the coals once you are done roasting such as hot dogs, burgers and steaks. If time is of no concern for you, this method can be great.

Propane Roaster

Propane roasters specifically designed for pigs are fully automated and smoke-free so that it can be set it up anywhere for roasting. The tires on it make it easy to move to a carving location once cooked, even indoors if you like. You can see your roast cooking through the glass panel door of your venue while still enjoying the aromas. The roaster is also the carving station with the pig situated at the ideal height for smooth carving. The meat stays hot on the carving plate making for a delicious and spectacular looking hog roast at your event.

A propane roaster assures even heat throughout the cooking process to ensure a golden roasted pig that is edible from head to tail. A charcoal bbq almost assures that some parts will be overdone if not burned and other parts not done enough. If that smoky taste is what you are looking for, no problem. At Pig Roast Catering, we offer an option where we place a smoke box inside the roaster during the cooking process, designed to allow smoke to develop quickly at the only time it matters, at the beginning of the cooking process when the meat and skin still have open pores to absorb the smoke created.

If you want to make sure your pig roast event runs smoothly and don’t want to leave any detail to chance, call Pig Roast Catering. We use the best ingredients, government-approved piglets sourced from local farms and a secret blend of herbs and spices so you know it will taste good. These edible works of art will wow your guests and leave a lasting impression on them.

We specialize in creating an extraordinary culinary experience for your event. That is why we have taken the classic pig roast up a notch with our chic, upscale touch. Once your guests smell the tantalizing aroma of a slow roasted pig sizzling on a rotisserie, they won’t be able to resist or forget the evening.