Show Quality And Care When Catering a Healthy Event

The food that we order or arrange outside of our home is an important part of our diet. When surveyed, 29% of people admitted to wanting to eat out with a healthy option available. The choices that people are provided, when eating out, go a long way towards helping maintain a balanced diet. Companies understand this and value healthy catering. What decisions do caterers need to make when designing a healthy menu?  Every caterer wants glowing testimonials that complement the presentation and the taste of the food presented. How is it best to handle various dietary requirements, making sure that everyone is catered for, as well as setting up a feast for the eyes for attendees?

Go gluten free to show quality

Many catering companies understand that nutrition as well as taste, contribute to a successful event. One way to show care and expertise at an event is to include variety in the menu. Many foods are naturally gluten-free and delicious – like fresh vegetables and seasonal fruits. However, there is also an abundance of gluten-free alternative products like bread and pasta that can be enticing for everyone. Sharing a meal with someone who needs to eat gluten free- or even those who prefer it can be a very pleasing experience. Chef Jason Roberts comments that, ‘Gluten free does not mean you have to live taste free!’ Why not include a sumptuous butternut squash soup, oat and almond bread or an impressive raspberry souffle?

Very important vegans

Scavenging around in the salad bar is not a great vegan option! Vegan menu items can be tempting and a feast for the eyes!  Dishes such as lasagna, noodles, curries, stir fry and even brownies all feature highly with catering companies that are skilled enough to customize their menu for vegan enjoyment. An easy tip when asking for vegan options when catering is to make sure that fresh cold press juice is available. It won’t just be the vegan’s requesting this menu – that is certain.

It’s easy to include paleo

Fans of paleo aim to eat natural ingredients– grass fed meats, an abundance of vegetables and wholefoods like nuts and seeds. A buffet is a wonderful way to include all a person’s heart can desire- as well as being visually appealing to the eye. Some delicious paleo options also tick the boxes for people eating gluten free- whilst others take into account vegans. Why not include oven fried pickles, pesto stuffed mushrooms or even grilled peaches with prosciutto at your next event?

Irrespective of the size of your event a catering company needs to show a personal interest in your requirements, whether they be dietary or location. Always check the online reviews of the catering company you plan to choose. You can even contact previous clients, if you do so with an amount of grace and intuition. Showing good quality produce in creative and aesthetically pleasing ways is straightforward when the ingredients are fresh and natural.

Healthy catering is easy with Pig Roast Catering and Feast Your Eyes Catering because these companies understand the importance of special dietary requirements and preferences and are ‘full-service’ catering companies. Therefore, every menu is planned to keep the needs of all the guests in mind so that everyone will benefit from and enjoy every aspect of the event.