Why You Should Consider Pig Roast This Winter

This winter, how about going the whole hog? If you have your entire family over for the holidays to celebrate the festive season or a special occasion, forget the turkey and consider a pig roast instead. There’s nothing more delicious than slow-cooked roast pork with the meat falling off the bone to keep the conversation going and everyone smiling. We understand it’s not easy to take on the task by yourself, especially if your kitchen is too small to hold a full piglet. This is where we step in. 

At Pig Roast Catering, we do it all for you. Although our staff do the honours, our pigs are the star. Whether it’s a family gathering, a winter wedding, a corporate event or a special dinner by the fireplace, we are pleased to put together an impressive menu, supply the tables, chairs, dinnerware in the venue and even the music to elevate it to another level, with the full pig taking centrestage. 

Tradition of Pig Roast Feasts

There’s good reason to consider a pig roast in the winter. The tradition has a long history across several cultures from the U.K., China and the Philippines to Puerto Rico and Indonesia that goes back thousands of years. However, the U.S. adopted the tradition only in 1539, when Hernando de Soto brought a herd of pigs with him to Florida. 

The delicious pork won the hearts of the Native Americans and pig production became a way of life. Now, it’s not only mainstream, but a regular hit during celebrations, mostly in the warmer months during school graduations, picnics, vacations and around the campfire. 

But a mouth melting roast pig has a charm all its own in the winter, too. All you need is a sheltered grill. Marinade it well and pop it in the oven, preferably by those who won’t faint at the sight. The size of a whole roast pig can be intimidating to some. It takes time to cook too as the skin is thick. 

It takes an experienced hand to lay it on the grill, belly down, slow roast it for hours to create the most succulent aroma that makes a single roast pig dinner hard to forget. Once you’ve savoured it, you know why the tradition has lasted thousands of years across the world. 

Pig Roast Catering

The trick to the best taste lies in the selection of the pig. Frozen pigs may not taste the same as locally sourced farm fresh ones. At Pig Roast Catering, our expert chefs are long-experienced in this art. Our whole spit roast pigs are what memories are made of. We offer an impressive variety of meal menus to suit a variety of occasions. No matter what the event, give us a call to make it special, any season of the year.