What Makes Our Porchetta A Cut Above?

For those of you who know what porchetta tastes like, it can be somewhat tricky to get over the aroma and magic that this Italian culinary tradition creates on your palette. Porchetta is rich, fatty and moist boneless pork roast stuffed with a selection of savoury fillings such as garlic, rosemary, fennel, and some other herbs. This ‘difficult to resist’ savoury dish was introduced in the popular Canadian culture through Italian settlers. Just like their love for other Italian delicacies who went on to become a part of Canadian popular culture, porchetta too has become a favourite among food connoisseurs.


We all desire to try out authentic culinary preparations from the best and most authentic sources. With Pig Roast Catering, you can fulfill your desire of enjoying an authentic, mouth-watering and delectable porchetta like no other. Unlike other available porchetta sources, the chefs at Pig Roast Catering make sure to garnish the meat with the most authentic flavours, offering an unbeatable and incomparable experience to food lovers.


In most places, you may have to deskin the porchetta before consumption. But with our special preparation techniques, we present the joy of consuming the whole porchetta to our guests — no more hassle of peeling before you dig in your favourite dish. Our preparation is safe and just as delicious to consume with the crackle still attached.


The reason that our pork preparation boasts of mouth-filling flavours is that our meats are sourced from top-quality Ontario farms where the animals are raised with excellent quality food and a thriving environment. They are completely unlike the mass-produced market hogs wrapped in an inedible skin filled with the cheapest cuts of the pig.


Our differentiation of spit-roasted succulent and sweet meat means that we unearth the most royal and original flavours without compromising on the quality of meat. The sourced meats in the form of piglets and porchettas are then hand-seasoned with our secret blend of herbs and spices by our talented chefs. They are then gradually rotisserie roasted for about five to eight hours to “crackling on the outside – juicy on the inside” mouth watering perfection! What more? We don’t just use the loins and belly, but use the entire suckling pig in its glorious entirety.


The result is that your piglet arrives well-roasted, warm and absolutely ready to be devoured. Served on an impressively displayed buffet with accompanying foods, beautifully prepared and presented on garnished ceramic platters, our preparation and presentation ticks all the checkboxes of a perfect porchetta treat for your guests. We offer a range of options for different sizes of catering. Call Pig Roast Catering today and get your dinner served in style!